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Apache PIG - When insert STORE function it gives me error


I've the following code:

Source = LOAD '.../MyTextFiles' using PigStorage(' '); 
Data = FOREACH Source GENERATE (chararray)$1 AS Detail_ID, (chararray)$2 AS Code_Time, (chararray)$3 AS BreakLine;
Transform = FOREACH Data GENERATE $1, ToUnixTime($2,'dd/MM/yyyyHH:mm:ss','GMT'), $3;
SPLIT Transform INTO Src31 IF ToDate($2,'yyyy-MM-dd')==ToDate('2013-12-31', 'yyyy-MM-dd'), 
Src01 IF ToDate($2,'yyyy-MM-dd')==ToDate('2014-01-01', 'yyyy-MM-dd'); 
STORE Src31 INTO '.../31_06_2016' using PigStorage(' '); 
STORE Src01 INTO '.../01_07_2016' using PigStorage(' ');

If run the code without the STORE Statement it fives me successfully but If I try to introduce the new data into a new tables it gives me error... anyone knows why?

Many thanks!


Expert Contributor

Maybe a small sample dataset would help so someone could try to run it as maybe the gotcha is not with the STORE, but the presence of it means all the transformations have to run. If it is a problem prior to the STORE, then the error (whatever it is since we don't have the output of that) should surface just the same if you used DUMP to display the data.

If DUMP (and not STORE) is working, then probably just a permissions issue with the location you are storing. Again, supply a small sample dataset and I'm sure somebody will chew on it for a few minutes to see if they can figure it out.


Here's my source code 🙂 Many thanks Lester! src-data.txt


src-data.txt Here's my source code 🙂 Many thanks Lester!

Can you please share the exact error message ??


Hi Suyog, I already found the problem. I can't tranform millseconds into Unix TimeStamp... I'm trying to convert this field...

Good to go then, @Johnny Fugers? No further help needed, right?


Right Lester 🙂 Thanks!

Expert Contributor

Hi @Johnny Fugers and @Suyog Nagaokar,

I tried to provide the answer here . Please let me know if you still have issues.