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Apache Spark is not deleting the folders in the temporary directory (spark.local.dir)

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We are running a local mode Spark application that runs a spark job every 5 minutes using a singleton SparkContext.

- We are using Spark

- The application is long running and "sleeps" in-between the jobs

- We are using SparkContext.getOrCreate

- We are running spark in "local[*]" mode

- "spark.worker.cleanup.enabled" is set to "true"

- The application is written in Scala

- On failure we are invoking the Spark Context "stop" method in order to get a healthy SparkContext for the next job.


The "spark.local.dir" directory is filling up over time, and we eventually get " No space left on device".


We found an old Jira ticket mentioning the issue (, but it seems it was closed with the motivation "the dirs should already be cleaned up on JVM exit".


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Are we closing the spark context here ? Usually a ".close()" call is done, the JVM should be able to clean up those directories .

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Hi Sumesh,
We are using a singleton spark context (SparkContext.getOrCreate). When the business logic fails we call ".stop()" (close is not available) on it to make sure a new one is created for the next run.