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Are vertex_index, edge_index and fulltext_index collections used for indexing in Atlas?

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I am using the following guide (link: for building and installing Atlas.

In the guide the user needs to create three collections in Solr, vertex_index, edge_index and fulltext_index. I would like to know what is the purpose of these and how do they work in order to index?

Also, how does indexing work in Atlas?

Thanking you in anticipation.


Expert Contributor

These following are the SOLR indexes that Atlas typesystem use:

  1. vertex_index - A mixed index - fields like guid, type, timestamp and state are indexed so they can be used in any combination during search query.
  2. edge_index - We don't use this index much in Atlas, this is added to enable indexing on edge properties.
  3. fulltext_index - used for fulltext search. The indexed fields (entityText) are tokenized to enable faster retrieval.

To know more about how indexes work in Atlas:

Hope this helps.