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CDH Express edition be affected with Paywall subscription


Hi All,


We are using CDH Express editions in all our clusters and just worried about the news of Paywall subscriptions starting from Feb 2021.


With this paywall subscription thing from Jan 31, will it affect only the Trial and Enterprise edition or will it affect the express edition too ??


Please help on this as days are very few for us to make a plan and move the data.


Thank you ! 




You should get worried if you are using CDH express because once the trial period expires, a valid subscription will be required to continue the use of the software.

This blanket change of policy will affect all legacy versions for Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Data Flow (HDF/CDF), and Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW).

Here is a good read from Cloudera and the details of want you should know and expect come January 31, 2021 Paywall Expansion Update
Happy hadooping

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Thanks for the Information.


As the express edition is already downloaded and in use. how will it be affected unless I try to add any new service or add a node in the cluster by trying to download the parcels from Cloudera.


But as such , will it affect the existing cluster too or stop working ? 

Cloudera Employee

Hello sass,


The existing express cluster will not be affected by the paywall. However, once the subscription has expired you have to go through the paywall expansion.




@akriti Thank you !


Well, then we will continue using express edition as it's not going to be affected. and we aren't going for the subscription. 


We have already got License of CDP . Hope we continue our testings with our express edition without going for subscription and we are allowed to use it without it being disrupted. 

Cloudera Employee



For the express versions also, you will not be able to add new nodes and anything related to parcels without a valid license.