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Cloudera-Quickstart-VM-5.13.0 Boot Error: Kernel Panic


Hello all,


I am a student of Purdue Global University.  As part of several classes, we have been instructed to utilize Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, alongside an installation of Cloudera-Quickstart-VM-5.13.0-0-Virtualbox. Last semester this installation worked throughout my class just fine.  Then, this semester a class requires it as well, but when I went to boot the original installation I was surprised to find it won't boot.  I am running into what I think is a Kernel Panic error on boot.  I have tried removing the Cloudera instance and reinstalling it using the PDF guide provided to us by the school.  However, on reinstall, the Kernel boot error remained.  I have also tried shutting down and restarting my computer, as well as changing the chipset setting from PIIX3 to ICH9, as suggested in another thread.  I have a video showing a screen capture of what I receive on boot, as well as the logs, and the PDF we use for installation.


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New Contributor

execuse me ,how and where to download the  Cloudera-quickstart-vm ? I want to have try ...


See the PDF document within the Google drive I linked to


Hi @cxk 

While the link in the document that @Chaos offered apparently does work, unless you are going to try to duplicate the issue they are experiencing in order to offer assistance, I'd like to discourage you from installing the Quickstart VM.


The last publicly available version of the Cloudera Quickstart VM — the same version referred to in that PDF document within the Google drive they linked to — was based on CDH 5.13, which was old, outdated and in fact that version of CDH went out of support in the Fall of 2020. The Cloudera Quickstart VM hasn't been readily available for download from Cloudera's website for at least a couple of years now just that reason.


Cloudera's current distribution, since the Fall of 2020, is Cloudera Data Platform (or CDP); a Trial Version of CDP Private Cloud Base Edition of Cloudera Data Platform can easily be downloaded from the "downloads" section of Cloudera's website.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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