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Cloudera Upgrade either to CDP 7.1.7 SP2 or CDP 7.1.9

Expert Contributor

Hi Experts,

To address few of the vulnerabilities present in CDP 7.1.6 we were advised to upgrade to CDP 7.1.7 SP2 version and then we came across with Cloudera releasing the new CDP 7.1.9 version. So, we are confused as to which one should we go for.

We are still using HDFS for storage and hive, impala, spark, Tez, oozie as other services in the stack along with JDK 8 and RHEL 7.8, we don't intend to compromise our current flow hope this functionality we can use in CDP 7.1.9. 

Please share what's your suggestion on this. our architect mostly prefer selecting the -1 version of the current version so technically we should be selecting CDP 7.1.8 which is the -1 version of CDP 7.1.9. 

The same was done during our last upgrade wherein we moved to CDP 7.1.6 where 7.1.7 was already released.




Expert Contributor

Thanks samanta