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Configuration Steps for Central Repository of Zeppelin Notebooks in a Multi-Node Environment


I have installed Zeppelin Notebooks on two nodes in a Ambari Managed HDP Cluster using the link. Both the links are up and running. User authentication is enabled via LDAP users.

When a user is creating a notebook on Node 1, the notebook is not visible when he logs in from URL-of node 2. is enabled.

The version of Zeppelin is 0.7.3

Is it possible to use - HDFS file system location as the repository path for Zeppelin notebooks and where do I configure the path for Zeppelin, so that both nodes point to the same repo.




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@Bhanu Pamu

Please refer to the following section of our documentation to enable HDFS storage for Zeppelin HA:


I followed the above steps. The configuration in Ambari --> Zeppelin Notebook--> Configs --> Advanced zeppelin-config

  • zeppelin.config.fs.dir=conf
  • zeppelin.notebook.dir=notebook
  • zeppelin.interpreter.dir=interpreter

Yet while I login to Zeppelin Notebook to either of the nodes - the Notebook Repos tab shows the following value

Notebook Path/usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/notebook/

So whenever I create a notebook, it goes and saved in local zeppelin server directory.

I tried changing the path of Network Repos from Zeppelin login, however when I restart the services, it goes back to default.

I tried changing the value of ZEPPELIN_NOTEBOOK_DIR in zeppelin_env_content using Ambari, however the after service restart Zeppelin doesn't work properly. It gives 503 server error or the notebooks repo is empty, no old notebooks seen. I have copied the notebooks from /usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/notebook/local to hdfs file system /user/zeppelin/notebook, still no gain.

Somehow the configuration doesn't work in HA mode. The notebook files are not written to HDFS file system.

Any further suggestions?

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same issue. It seems like Notebook Path is not getting persisted in the config anywhere.



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