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DIGEST-MD5 Error Message


I got this below error message in the logs on 2 datanodes. Hard restart fixed this problem but I wanted to what prompted that error.

If someone can through a light on it will greatly appreciate.


DataXceiver error processing unknown operation  src: / dst: / DIGEST-MD5: IO error acquiring password [Caused by org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.protocol.datatransfer.InvalidEncryptionKeyException: Can't re-compute encryption key for nonce, since the required block key (keyID=1900417437) doesn't exist.



Hi Abdul,


Have You managed to resolve this issue? I am getting this error now but config is fine.

HMS delegation token store is set to org.apache.hadoop.hive.thrift.DBTokenStore but still I am getting this error.

Care to share the solution, if any?


Hi @rar59b ,


We are sorry to hear you are having some trouble.  Can you please open a new thread and provide us with some background (environment, product you are dealing with etc) of what you are trying to do and what is happening. The original thread is talking about datanode and your question seems to refer to HMS.




Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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Rising Star

Hi @Abdul @lwang @rar59b 

We have a know issue with the DIGEST-MD5: IO error acquiring password.

Which is not yet fixed in any current CDP versions.

Are we seeing any jobs failures when we have this issue?

What values we set for the below parameters. = = =