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DataXceiver error processing read and write operations hadoop

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iam using hadoop apache 2.7.1 on centos 7

in HA cluster that consists of two namenodes and 6 data nodes and i realized the following error that always found in my log

DataXceiver error processing WRITE_BLOCK operation  src: / dst: / Connection reset by peer

so i updated the following propetey in hdfs-site.xml in order to increase the number of available threads in all datanodes





and i increased the number of open files too by editing baschrc

ulimit -n 16384

but i still getting this error in my data nodes logs

so while sending write requests to the cluster

i issued the following command on data nodes to know number of threads

cat /proc/processid/status

and they never exceeds 100 thread

and in in order to know open files number issued sysctl fs.file-nr

and they never exceeds 300 open files

so why iam always getting this error in data node logs and what is it's effect on performance



Hi alshiekh ,

The error looks not related to number of threads running in the datanode. It really looks related to connection problem.

It would be really helpful if you can provide more detaile stacktrace.

My GUESS is that there could be chances that, Next datanode in the pipeline (given by the namenode) is down. So first datanode is not able to connect to next datanode and throwing the above mentioned exception.
Since you have 6 datanodes, writes could be successful with remaining nodes in the cluster.