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Deploy service client configuration to single host


Is there a way to deploy service client configuration for single host or at least validate that the client configuration was deployed on some host which was decomissioned and now is a candidate for recomissionning?


In the docs i see:


Client configuration files are deployed on any host that is a client for a service—that is, that has a role for the service on that host.


My goal is to deploy client config and then validate that client configuration was deployed on specific host using REST_API.



@rok As far as I know there is no way to deploy client config on only one host because Client Configuration is proportional to the that role/service and while deploying the client config it will all host related to that. 


That's another scenario where you have a role only deployed on one host only and there you deploy the Configuration then It will touch only one host. If roles are distributed on more than one host than deploying client config on one host (If there could be a way) will fail because of out of sync. 


There is no hots specific API call which can do same for you as well.

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Currently, the way i'm going to take is mimic deploy client configuration  operation on single host:


Auto recreating links using script: /etc/stack/service-env/conf -> /etc/alternatives/service-env-conf  -> /etc/stack/service-env/conf.cloudera.service-env and updating or creating client config file /etc/stack/service-env/conf/