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Does InvokeHttp works slow if calling https endpoint?


Hi Guys,


i am trying to expose an REST endpoint on NIFi with the help of hanldeHttpRequest and HandleHttpResponse processor. 

The Purpose of this endpoint is to fetch data from other endpoint and present fetched data as http response through hanldeHttpResponse processor.

Below screen map be helpfull for more understanding.


Case1 - If i call one http endpoint(suppose API1) whose through put is 120 req/sec, in my Invokehttp processor then the through put of my API is 120 req/sec.

Case2 - If i call one https endpoint(Suppose API2) whose through put is 120 req/sec in my Invokehttp processor, then the through put ofmy API is 4 request/sec. which is very low and not acceptable.


Issue - So is the InvokeHttp processor works slow while calling https endpoint.


Note:- The Through put of API1 and API2 are verified from the NIFI's Docker container only and found 120 req/sec.

For example Https Endpoint(API2) -



Deepak Kumar