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Exporting a phoenix table into a csvfile


Is there a way to export a phoenix table into a csv file using the phoenix pherf ulitly. If so can anyone provide the details. I couldnt get the proper documetnation for this. we are supposed to export around 26 million rows into csv file.


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This thread is old but wanted to throw in my $.02. You can do this by creating a Hive external table over the Phoenix table using the Phoenix Storage Handler for Hive then export the data from that Hive table right into HDFS.

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The Phoenix-Hive storage handler as of v4.14.0 (CDH 5.12) seems buggy.  I was able to get the Hive external wrapper table working for simple queries, after tweaking column mapping around upper/lower case gotchas.  However, it fails to work when I tried the "INSERT OVERWRITE DIRECTORY ... SELECT ..." command to export to file:

org.apache.phoenix.schema.ColumnNotFoundException: ERROR 504 (42703): Undefined column. columnName=<table name>


This is a known problem that no one is apparently looking at: