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HDP 2.5 Python Installation

New Contributor

Using HDP 2.5 I have used the putty terminal to try and download python.
I went through the steps of logging in ad maria_dev, using su root to be a root user then running the command:

yum install python-pip

I ran an error, which I have heard if you are running 2.5, you should run the following commands as a fix:
cd /etc/yum.repos.d

cd sandbox.repo /tmp


However when I get to the step above, it says there is no directory that exists with that name.

Please let me know why this is part of the instructions if there is no directory for this. I am looking to move past the following error:

Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: AMBARI. Please verify its path and try again





Please double check the command : cd sandbox.repo /tmp. This will not work so if you are getting no such directory that is correct. Please point to the link you referred to resolve the problem.

The error here states that it cannot connect to the repository. If you are using the public repository then make sure you can connect to the link and no firewall is blocking your connection. If you are using the local repo, please check the firewall and if the user you are using to connect to the repository has sufficient privileges.

Hope this helps. If the comment helps you to find a solution or move forward, please accept it as a solution for other community members.