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HDP Versions end of support roadmap


Hi There,

Just wondering if there is a support roadmap for various HDP versions i.e

  1. Is HDP 2.3 version still supported by hortonworks?
    1. When will hortonworks stop supporting this version?
    2. If this version is already out of support, what was the date?
    3. Is there a concept of extended support for clients who are still on this version?

2. Same information for 2.5

3. Same information for 2.6. I know this is fairly newer version but wondering if there is a roadmap for support.

I know we could liaise with our account manager for this but wondering why is it not easily available information. Tried searching but could only find that hortonwork provide support on rolling window for two previous versions but doesn't answer all my questions. Please let me know if you have it.




Expert Contributor

Expert Contributor