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HDPCD Exam Issues

I have recently took my hdpcd exam. I have faced so many issues. The exam screen in the chrome browser was very small that i can barely read anything. I have to adjust the text size of the browser and i had a 30 mbps line but i still had a lag. I had the pasting problem in pig. As a result i got only time to attempt only 5 questions. i had a very bad time taking the exam. I have failed the exam. Is there any chance for getting credit to retake the exam.


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Hi @R c,

The exam is handled by PSI Services / Innovative Exams so you need to contact them. You can contact them at, or call +1-888-504-9178, +1-312-612-1049.

/Best regards, Mats

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Hi @R c,

The exam is handled by PSI Services / Innovative Exams so you need to contact them. You can contact them at, or call +1-888-504-9178, +1-312-612-1049.

/Best regards, Mats

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I have recently took my exam HDPCD and i am trying to reach certifications at Hortonworks via email and I have not got any response. Can anyone help me in getting a response for my email ? I send this morning an email at .

Confirmation Code:CE2-875
Candidate Id:5045761089


WOW thats interesting but when you can PSI they blame The hortonworks team saying its the "sponsor" responsible this is quite annoying and discouraging

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HI Mats,

I faced the same issue and failed , in the second attempt i have attempted all questions with 6 questions perfectly answered .I have checked the output even before i left which is producing accurate output.

I mailed the respective id many times requesting to revalidate , i called to the given customer care number . there is no response either . i spent money twice , attempted very well still there is no response .

Can you please guide me how to contact the hortonwork team for revalidation as i m 100% sure that i will pass the exam.


Naresh Yalla

Are there more such cases? I am now afraid to attempt this the correct output not enough for passing exam?

There are issue but you can overcome them with some tips:

1. The main problem in the exam is the text size. I suggest you to get good resolution monitor. Get Familiar with how to increase the text size in the browser and terminal. To increase the size of text in the browser use ctrl + or go to the options button on the right corner of the browser and look for zoom option. For increasing the text size in Terminal you have to look in the terminal options to do that. i don't remember this. If you can do this you are good to go.

2. Write scripts in the files and execute them rather than executing everything in the shell line by line.

3. while you execute one script start writing the next script. open terminal with multiple tabs and dont close the tabs until you get the right output.

I didn't clear the exam which I wrote on 1/28/2017.

1 .I felt time crunch ( i cant say whether it my lack of speed or is the time sufficient for everyone?)

2. I wish more details are shared for the results. e.g. task 1 - failed, task 2- passed etc. At least it helps me understand which area i need to work on. I have emailed them awaiting response.

3. It will be good have a count down timer and 5 minutes at least to familiarize with the environment or

the practice exam should be a look alike of the real exam environment.

@rich can you share you thoughts on HDPCD ?

@Lester Martin I am trying to reach certifications at Hortonworks regarding my HDPCD via email .I am not getting a response. Can you please help in getting a response for my email ? Request #4062

I just replied to case # 4062. Sorry it sat unanswered so long.

@Lester Martin thank you for your efforts

dropped you a reply directly.

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I am trying to reach certifications at Hortonworks via email and I have not got any response since last 12 days. Can anyone help me in getting a response for my email ? Request #4117. I will be very grateful.

Hello, Armaghana,

I am reviewing that right now.


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Thanks William for your Support.

Sounds good! THANKS!

@Naresh Yalla sorry to hear about your case. did you clear the exam the second time ?

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@G I :I have written three times with my id ( All the exams I did well ) , but result was failed . then with another I created new id , the same I was successfully passed for first time.

Total no if attempts is 4.

I m Pretty sure I done the exam well G I.

@Naresh Yalla Wow amazing courage to keep going at it. Glad it is over. Thanks for responding

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Hi everyone,

Talking about my experiences, I can't say that they were good.

I've attempted twice the Spark certification exam and both times were infuriating.

My first go at it, was not even my first. Basically, just at the beginning of it the Live Monitor mentioned that there was a severe server disruption, that I had been going on like that for the whole day and that I probably couldn't take my test that day. Which was the case. After that I've contacted hortonworks which happily gave me credits to attempt the exam once again.

The second time was yesterday and again, not a pleasant experience. This time I could access to the machine I was going to do the exam over. So far, so good. Went through the exercises and started hdfs to check the files that I was going to be working with. Too bad, HDFS was not working at all. Couldn't do much with spark-shell either. One is supposed to have access to a node through ssh but that didn't work at all. There is another script which goes by the name, or something similar, which is supposed to help you if there is any issues with your machine. Nope, not really. As part of the exam instructions, they encourage you to speak with your proctor if you face any issues but all that he/she could do is send a report to hortonworks about that.

Having said all that, I still tried to complete the exam which means you need to fill these seven text files with something you hope is going to have no typos and has the correct assumptions about the files provided (like "I hope this csv does have headers")

Other than that, the exercises are quite straightforward and you got plenty of time to complete the test.

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