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Has anyone installed the minifi C2 ( command and control ) . I need some steps to get this working. Do we have an installation document for this.

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Has anyone installed the minifi C2 ( command and control ) . I need some steps to get this working. Do we have an installation document for this. I have got my minifi agents on two separate servers which transmit data to the Nifi Server. I plan to create a C2 Server which will co-ordinate with the minifi agents installed on different machines. I have a high level idea of what C2 will do , but in the absence of any documents , its a bit difficult for me to progress. Need some help here .

@Vinicius Higa Murakami , @Shu , @Pierre Villard , @Matt Burgess , @Matt Clarke

Have you worked on this by any chance or provide any inputs to this.




i found the guidelines from "How to build an IIoT system using Apache NiFi, MiNiFi, C2 Server, MQTT and Raspberry Pi" written by Abdelkrim Hadjidj use full

the basic start command : "/bin/", make sure you have the configuration correctly

i also found an Jira Issue solution for version 0.4

By removing the file from lib directory in 0.4.0 version, it works
as expected.

View solution in original post


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Hey @Raymond Honderdors .. all good mate. This issue is now fixed. I had to rename my template to have the suffix .v1. I ignored that which is why I wasnt getting the config.yml . Its all sorted now and its working fine.

Thanks again for all your help


Hi Abhinav,Did u receive below error while working on above implementation

o.a.n.m.b.c.i.PullHttpChangeIngestor Hit an exception while trying to pull Failed to connect to /

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@Vipin Chourasia I reckon this might be a firewall issue or something . I remember seeing something like this and then realized the firewall wasnt opened between the C2 server and the Minifi server


I checked both the windows system ,firewall is open .checked by using ping coomand.


Hi Abhinav, I am doing the same POC connect MINIFI NIFI using minifi c2 .Could you please guide us on this .As of now we have done minifi to nifi connectivity-Receiving data to nifi end , generated from minifi agent but now have to use minifi c2 controller.Please help buddy.

What i have understood Minifi c2 and nifi should be in same machine and minifi in another machine(windows)

then did some configuration changes and try to run minifi c2 but getting error .

I am following below link


I follow the steps.

1. downloaded minif c2 server in windows where my nifi is running.

2.created a template using nifi ui with name given examplename iot-minifi-raspberry-agent.v1

3.changed minifi c2 property port -8080 (i was also getting port 10080 is already in use)

4.changed minifi-c2-context.xml property

----> <constructor-arg> <value>http://localhost:9090/nifi/</value> </constructor-arg> in this url my nifi is working,so this only changed minifi is running in different windows machine there i changed bootstrap property like below


# Hostname on which to pull configurations from


# Port on which to pull configurations from


# Path to pull configurations from


# Query string to pull configurations with

nifi.minifi.notifier.ingestors.pull.http.query=class=iot-minifi-raspberry-agent ----// name of my template ?? should i use version also like .v1

# Period on which to pull configurations from, defaults to 5 minutes if commented out

-----------------------------------*****------------------- all changes are done now checking whether my changes are done correctly by hitting below url --


I can see yml is showing but that is already present in minifi c2 -->files folder ,

how my template's yml will create.where i m doing wrong or my understanding is incorrect .Please help @Raymond Honderdors @Abhinav Joshi @Bryan Bende

Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks in advance

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Hi @Vipin Chourasia ..apologies , for not being able to respond earlier . I have prepared a document to go through all this . Its a big document , can you give me your email id . I will flick it through .. I also went through the same issues but now our C2 is working very well.


Thanks for reply Abhinav.You can't imagine how much relax i am feeling now .I was chashing you from many days.even i have tried to contact Abdelkrim Hadjidj for // 


The current status of my POC is - I am able to create data flow between minifi(more than 2 system )and NIFI but stuck in C2 server configuration. I have done setup in windows machine.Thanks again Abhi

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I am struck at configuring the C2 server. Is it possible to share the document. 

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Hi @Vipin Chourasia . sorry mate . I know this is something that is very new and there is hardly any material out there . I also chased Abdelkrim 🙂 but didnt get any response. hahaha. Anyways .. sent you the document now. Have a read through