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Hbase archive directory size increasing.


Hi All,

I am facing one issue with the Hbase archive directory where i see the following directory /apps/hbase/data/archive size is increasing daily. This is basically started to happen post we took snapshot for 4 tables.

Can someone help me to understand why the archive directory size started to increase daily post we took the snapshot?

What is causing this directory to increase the size?

What is the recommendation and solutions for this?

Hbase version:

Thanking in Advance!!!



Hi @Shrikant BM

This is sort of expected following taking a few snapshots, the /apps/hbase/data/archive location stores raw data for your snapshots but also holds HFiles that are left over after a compaction operation, these are normally cleared automatically unless they are referenced by a snapshot in which case they will remain in the archive folder, so the more snapshots you keep the more archive folder will grow. You can clean older snapshots you don't need anymore. If you need to keep them, you may want to be making incremental backups rather than snapshots.