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Hive JDBC Connection on Mac OS

New Contributor


Can any one help on this.
I am Trying to connect to hive through DBeaver application using JDBC Drivers on Mac OS.

I have downloaded JDBC drivers version 2.6.21. I have extracted and copied the jar file I.e Hive JDBC 42 and i have mentioned jar file path in driver properties and given all parameters correctly, but when i test the connection I am getting an error message like JAR file not found or incorrect.

Connection is working on windows work station but not on Mac OS.

So do i need to have different JAR file for Mac OS, If yes where can i get that.?


Expert Contributor

@saicharan  You can find the hive jdbc driver for mac here which allows the operating system drop down:



Also be sure to share your connection string and specific error message for better responses.


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Yes I can select operating systems for other versions like 2.5.** but in my case i am using  JDBC drivers version 2.6.21. For this I don't see any OS drop down.cloudera.png