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How can we delete files after sftp using Nifi processors

New Contributor

Here is my scenario that I am implementing in Nifi - I am connecting to external system and need to fetch the files from source directory, I am able to get the files using listftp processor and fetchftp processor and now I am moving files to target location using Putsftp processor/sending it to a rest service using invokehttp processor. After success of this step I need to delete files in source location, but I am not able to delete. I tried using ExecuteStreamcommand Processor to delete the files, but its not working. Did someone encountered this scenario and pls suggest on how to solve this issue.

I tried this approach, but I am not able to delete it



New Contributor

Hi! Did you solve it? 


The executestreamcommand solution should work, as confirmed on this external website


To quote the most relevant part:

ExecuteStreamCommand solved my problem. Create a small script and execute it with parameters from NiFi: #!/bin/bash HOST=$1 USER=$2 PASSWORD=$3 ftp -inv $HOST <<EOF user $USER $PASSWORD cd /sources delete $4 bye EOF

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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