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How structure unstructured in a value inside JSON with IFi

New Contributor


I am new to NiFi, but I am trying to process an array of JSON data that I wish to then pass on for input to an Oracle Store Procedure.

However, there is an element in each array that holds data that is unstructured which has newline characters.

What I have been able to do with the data is to use the ReplaceText processor to remove the newline characters with nothing, and tried Evaluate JSON and Attributes to Json to try and restructure the data into new elements in the array. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get anything to work. 

Is there a process that can help this?





Expert Contributor


If I understood correctly, you have additional manipulations you perform on the JSONs after you remove all the newline characters? The processor JoltTransformJSON might be worth checking out for that use-case. Here is a website that can help you test out jolt transformations.


In case you need it, here is a post about executing a stored procedure in an Oracle database.