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How to Export DF data to S3 bucket

Hi All,

I am trying to export the DF data to S3 bucket but i am not able to do. I am getting below error.

WARN FileOutputCommitter: Could not delete s3a://bucketname/Output/CheckResult/_temporary/0/_temporary/attempt_20181114215639_0002_m_000000_0
18/11/14 21:56:40 ERROR FileFormatWriter: Job job_20181114215639_0002 aborted.

I have tried below code for testing.


I am not sure what is the issue exactly here? I heard that Spark does not really support writes to non-distributed storage.

Kindly help me how to achieve this?

Many thanks.


Any help on this request? Please.

Sorry, missed this.
the issue here is that "S3" isn't a "real" filesystem, there's no file/directory rename, and instead we have to list every file created and copy it over. Which relies on listings being correct, which S3, being eventually consistent, doesn't always hold up. Looks like you've hit an inconsistency on a job commit

To get consistent listings (HDP 3) enable S3Guard

To avoid the slow rename process and the problems caused by inconistency within a single query, switch to the "S3A Committers" which come with Spark on HDP-3.0. These are specially designed to safely write work into S3

If you can't do either of those, you cannot safely use S3 as a direct destination of work. You should write into HDFS and then, afterwards, copy it to S3.

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