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How to add OR modify comment for an existing hive table


After creating a table in Hive is it possible to modify the "comment" shown in highlight in attached screenshot?

Also for a table without any comment key field, is it possible to add the comment value?



There is no support for editing entities from UI as of now. But you can use the entity update REST API to update comment section for the hive table.

Please refer to below documents for the same:

Expert Contributor

It's not possible to make edits in UI as of now. In addition to @Ayub Khan 's answer , hive table can be altered using the hive command ALTER TABLE table1 SET TBLPROPERTIES ('comment' = 'your comments'); , and an update is sent to Atlas. You can see the updated comment in the UI.

For the second question , if hive table is created without any comments , it is marked "null". So it can be updated via REST APIs or through hive command itself.


The article: Modify Atlas Entity properties using REST API commands contains a full description for how to update both the comment and description entity properties for Atlas managed hive_table types.

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