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How to apply different policy conditions in Rangers Tag Based Policies then the default expiry date / expires_on?


Hello community,

Iam using HDP 2.6.0 Sandbox with Ranger 0.7.0 and I would love to know if (and eventually 'how') it is possible to add policy conditions inside the "allow / deny conditions" window while applying Tag Based Policies. I found a statement in the documentation below that says:

"Currently "Accessed after expiry_date? (yes/no)" is the only available policy condition" Source

Is this statement still up to date? And is it eventually possible to do something here through the Ranger REST API?

I kindly appreciate any further information towards this topic.

Thanks a lot and best regards:-)



Please see - is this what you are interested in?


That looks promising. Yes I think thats what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!


Quick followup question, since Iam stuck here: Do I understand it correctly, that I need to apply this patch trough "git apply" to the recent ranger.git? I tried out a lot and somehow it doesnt want to work. Am I on the right track? I appreciate every hint. Huge thanks!