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How to create an alert if NiFi UI is down for some reasons

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Being as newbie to Nifi, Need help from the community.


Appreciate if someone helps me out in setting up some kind of script to raise an alert via email or service now if NiFi UI is down. I have two requirements - 


1. Identify programmatically how to check if NiFi UI is down

2. Create an automatic incident if it is down


If there is an easy way around to raise the alert, I would really appreciate the advise.


Thanks much!!


Super Guru

@romi ,


You can try to connect to some NiFi API endpoint. If it succeed, it's an indication that the service is up.

For example:

$ curl -k "https://mynifi:8443/nifi-api/access"
{"accessStatus":{"status":"UNKNOWN","message":"Access Unknown: Certificate and Token not found."}}


If the command above returned anything different, you could send an alert.





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New Contributor

Thanks Andre. I will try and get back to you. Appreciate for the quick response.