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How to modify text in csv file in Apache Nifi


I have a csv file which has many lines of data and many fields, but whenever i have a file which has "9799678467\" under "boardingPointContactNo" field it throws error.


I want to replace "9799678467\"  with "9799678467". I want to remove the "/" . Which processor should i be used to do this. 


This is the snippet of my csv data. 

serviceProviderName,serviceId,routeId,busType,sourceLocation,sourceLocationId,boardingPointId,boardingPointContactNo    {fields}

"abc travels and Cargo","106123","15476562","A/C Sleeper   (2+1)","Surat","473","21765854","9799678467\"                   {values of each field}


As you can see the data is comma separated.

Thanks in advance




The solution you are looking for is:  ReplaceText:


You can find loads of examples here in the forum with this search:



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