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How to prevent nifi-app logs from filling my drive on my cluster


Have been getting the below exception "ReplaceText[id=3fa43c98-5a5a-1c87-8e34-911a06de02aa] Processing failed: org.apache.nifi.processor.exception.ProcessException: IOException thrown from ReplaceText[id=3fa43c98-5a5a-1c87-8e34-911a06de02aa]: /opt/nifi-1.17.0/content_repository/466/1666653401958-112082 (No space left on device) - Caused by: /opt/nifi-1.17.0/content_repository/466/1666653401958-112082 (No space left on device)"


It seems like the disk is full which is not allowing the processors to update or modify the data. I notice that the logs directory on all the cluster have taken all the space. 

Each node has 64G of storage space and log directory has taken almost 55G of space. 


I recently notice my disk is getting full very quickly. I remove the logs and the repository and restart nifi and that seems to work but then again after a few hours it got filled up. I finally notice that the logs directly is taking all the space. How to prevent nifi-app logs from filling my drive.


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You can refer to this article and tune the logback.xml file to delete and rollover based log files based on you space constraints


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