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I have a problem when I am reviewing the cluster in the CLUSTER INSTALL WIZARD


Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a cluster and in the "step 8 : Review" I get the next error when I click on the "Deploy -->" button:

"Upload Version Definition File Error"

"An internal system exception occurred: Base url is already defined for another repository version. Setting up base urls that contain the same versions of components will cause stack upgrade to fail."

What does it happen? What can I do to solve the problem?

Thank you so much!



Finally I solved the problem following these steps:

First of all, I stopped the ambari-server service from the host where it is installed, and I proceed to reset it, using the command:

ambari-server stop

ambari-service reset

Then I cleaned the cache information of the web browser I was using to connect to the Ambari Installation Wizard.

After that, I restart the ambari-server and I tried to install the cluster again.

Thank you for your answers anyway!

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New Contributor

remove the old ambari database. create now ambari database.

New Contributor

Hi All,

I am having this same issue and I have tried some of the recommendations above with negative results. I am trying to stand up an HDP 2.4 cluster on centos7. In my experience, I get passed all of the assigning of roles to my name and datanodes and hit deploy. Everything looks like it's going smoothly and then I get smacked with the "Upload Version Definition File Error". At this point things are stalled. I check to see if my ambari-server is still running and it isn't. I try to restart it and I get a postgres "exit code 3. REASON: Unable to start PostgreSQL server". I've tried to reset the server, dump the database, un/re-install ambari-server, and even select the other than default postgres during the setup with same result. Can anyone help? Thanks.