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In Sqoop import is there an option to overwrite or delete existing data in an hcatalog table

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My requirement is to overwrite (or delete prior to the import) the existing data in an hcatalog table during sqoop import.

It appears hive-overwrite and delete-target-dir arguments don't work for this purpose.

Any suggestions on how to do this.



@Raj B

If you are using HCatalog with Sqoop, then Sqoop Hive options that are not supported with HCatalog jobs includes (link😞

  • --hive-import
  • --hive-overwrite

Approach is to use hive-import instead of -hcatalog. For example,

sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/test --username root --password 'hr' --table sample --hive-import --hive-overwrite --hive-table sqoophive -m 1 --fields-terminated-by '\t' --lines-terminated-by '\n'

Unfortunately "--hive-overwrite" option destroy hive table structure and re-create it after that which is not acceptable way.

The only way is:

1. hive> truncate table sample;

2. sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://yourhost/test --username test --password test01 --table sample --hcatalog-table sample

; ;