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Ingest Mysql data to Kafka




I am new in Kafka and I have some questions. I want to create a pipeline which extract data from Mysql to kafka. Although after a lot of search I found something about CDH which is when something in the source table changes to send the updated record to Kafka. I do not want such a thing. I only want to extract data according to primary key. 

Is there any course to do in order to learn or can anybody provide any tips?


Thanks in advance.


@drgenious You didn't include a link to what you found that said "something about CDH", but I suspect based on your description that what you found was not about CDH (which stands for Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop), but CDC, or change data capture.

I will leave the question about how to copy the data from an RDBMS such as Mysql and somehow publish that to a Kafka topic to other members of the community to answer.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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