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is there docker image for multi-clouds deployment


Hi, I would like to know which platform I should download to try Cloudera on my desktop (16GB/1TB SSD).  I would prefer a docker solution which would allow me to test the docker on multiple clouds.





Hi @Sipping1n0s 

I think I can help. First, the current Enterprise Data Platform product offered by Cloudera as of Oct 2021, is Cloudera Data Platform (CDP); Cloudera is the name of the company that markets CDP.


Second, in it's on-premises "form factor", Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud, you can download and install a "free trial" which expires after 60 days in a non-production environment for demonstration and proof-of-concept use cases without obtaining a license. You can read over the operating system requirements for installing the CDP Private Cloud Base trial (which is the easiest way to install CDP Private Cloud) here:

Operating System Requirements


I am not aware of a Docker image version available for download from Cloudera that would enable you to create a CDP cluster on your desktop and also test the docker containers on multiple clouds, although I am certain that someone with the requisite knowledge of Docker and sufficient skill and abilities with the various required development tools could create one. Indeed, some member of the Cloudera Community may have already done so and be willing to share their method in response to your question.


Prior to its merger with Cloudera in 2018, Hortonworks, Inc. distributed a Docker image of its distribution called The HDP Sandbox and that still happens to be available for download here:

Deploying Hortonworks Sandbox on Docker (among other places)

…along with a tutorial which provides detailed steps to install that combination on Linux, Mac OS X and MS Windows, but that in no way could be called up-to-date or equivalent to what Cloudera markets as an Enterprise Data Platform product today (The Sandbox is based on a version of the base distribution which is nearing end of support status). The Sandbox is intended as a pre-configured learning environment for developers who are just getting started. Getting installations of the HDP Sandbox running on multiple clouds would be challenging, but possible, again assuming a developer knowledgeable about the various required development tools.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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