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Internet not working in Couldera VM


Since yesterday afternoon, i am not able to access internet in cloudera (Oracle VM ). I keep getting errors

Cloudera: Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8889

Two days ago things were working fine. and I don't think it is an internet problem on my end since i have been using it all day.


Any idea? Thanks


Rising Star

Hello @bsaad 


1. Could you check whether you are able to connect to internet from the Oracle VM, using a ping test to

2. Could you cross-check the port number 8889 is up and listening by using the following command as the root user

#netstat -ntpla | grep 8889


Thanks for your reply.


1: the google test was successful.

2: the command you suggested did not give me any response. which which directory do i need to run it?