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Invoke HTTP Processor in Localhost

New Contributor

I'm totally new to NiFi and learning as I go, but am against a hard deadline and need urgent assistance. I was tasked to connect a running system in my local to the Invoke HTTP processor and get the data from that database. How can I get the URL path from the other container so I can input it on the Remote URL field inside the Invoke HTTP processor? 



@georg ,


There's not much info in your description for me to give you a precise answer.

But, given you mentioned "container", I'm assuming that the other system is running on a Docker container in the same host as NiFi is running.


If that's the case, you can use "docker inspect" to find out what the exposed port of the container is and then your URL will be something like either "http://localhost:<port>" or "<port>". If TLS is being used, replace "http" with "https".


I hope this helps. If not, please provide more details information about the components you're talking about.





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