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Is There Kubernetes Config to build a NiFi cluster


Hi Guys,

I noticed there is official docker image for NiFi.

Is there Kubernetes yaml for building a NiFi cluster, or have this in plan?




as of today, NIFI docker container is not supported on Kubernetes by Hortonworks. But we love all the multi-tenancy resource manager & execution engines equally and will potentially support them in the future.

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Any updates from Hortonworks or the community?

All I found so far is:

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Hi @Leo Gallucci,

I know in the Apache NiFi community there has been conversations around Kubernetes but within HDF engineering we are definitely focused on it. I don't have a timeline but we are looking to support NiFi on Kubernetes in a release very soon.

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Hi @ydavis ,


I found out the which is only supported single node NiFi on Kubernetes now, is right?
Is the multi-node NiFi cluster on Kubernetes still developing?