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Issue with Nifi Merge Content : Files stay in the queue infinitely !

I have a flow where I am using the Merge Content Processor. I noticed lately that some flowfiles stay infinitely in the queue just before the Merge Content. I can't figure out the issue so I am asking for your help !

This is the part of the flow that I am talking about :


The configuration of the merge content processor is here (merging in the attribute called "cle" and its value is the same for the 2 flowfiles in the queue ! But still they don't merge ) :


Finally here is the content of the queue :


Is this due to the first flowfile size (710 MB) ? is there a maximum size for a bin ? If yes why isn't it merged after reaching that size ?

Thank you for your help !


Master Guru

@Raj B

Thank you... Sometimes the most important piece of information is in the fine details. Other give away that it was clustered was that both FlowFiles in that queue had same position "1". Two FlowFiles in the same queue on the same node cannot occupy the same position.

@Matt Clarke This is an excellent answer, thank you very much. I am indeed using a cluster of nifi nodes, and my dataflow starts with a list/fetch as described by the answer of @Pierre Villard on this question :

So the beginning of my dataflow looks like this :


I am using the list/fetch pattern to take advantage of the cluster and improve the performance of the ingestion.

This leads me to ask the following question which is probably beyond the scope of the initial question and should be asked in the different post, but I am putting it here so that everyone in the same situation profits from your beautiful answers : does this mean that I can't use the merge content processor in these kind of dataflows (dataflows thar run on all nodes), as I don't have a way to control the node that will ingest a pair of matching flowfiles (flowfiles that have the same "cle" attribute) ? or could you think of a trick to handle this ?

Thanks again for your help !

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@Mohammed El Moumni Here is one possible dataflow design that can be used to make sure both FlowFiles in a pair end up on the same node after being distributed via the Remote Process Group (RPG):


While it requires adding 5 additional processor to you flow, overhead is relatively light since you are dealing with very small FlowFiles all the way up to the point of the FetchFile processor. You are still only fetching the ~700 MB content after cluster distribution.



Great answer like usual ! Just tested your suggestion and it works perfectly ! Thank you so much !