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Kafka broker needs restart via CLI

New Contributor

I have a CDP 7.1.4 Cluster, but currently my cloudera manager is not accessible. How can I restart my kafka brokers in the CLI? i tried kafka-server-stop and start but it says that its no longer supported.



As you mentioned certain cli tools  are marked not to be supported, for your requirement being the kafka-server-startup and shutdowns scripts. It is not guaranteed that the manual setup initializes the context of Kafka the same way, as Cloudera Manager would. While it may work for the restart but there are environment scripts and some other process management that Cloudera Manager does. Hence, when you restart using Cloudera Manager there would be uncertainties on the state of the process. 


As you said you have problems accessing the Cloudera Manager UI, you can also use the Cloudera Manager API for your requirement. 


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