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Kerberos fails to authenticate using Google Chrome


Hi, from one day to another the web ui of HDFS / YARN stop working saying :


Problem accessing /index.html. Reason:

    Authentication required 

 Classic problem when you dont use kinit -kt xxx.keytab xxx@MY_REAL.
Seems to me that is only a problem of Chrome (on Safari works fine, on Firefox i added the urls on some configurations props and works fine).
I tried some guide online that say to start chrome with --auth-server-whitelist= or use the console to add "

defaults write AuthServerWhitelist = "server.domain" but nothing of this works.
Im using Chrome on OSX 10.14.
Do you have any advice? Thanks!


Master Collaborator

@loridigia ,


The best way to avoid this problem is to configure and use Knox Gateway to access those services. Knox will handle the authentication and will ensure you can use those services without requiring any specific browser configuration.





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