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Monitoring nifi back pressure threshold and trigger an email

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Hi All,

Thanks a lot to this awesome community.

I am trying to monitor the size of the queues. I want trigger an email once the queue is 80% full by size.

Is there a way I can achieve this, this post hints

but it involves a lot of processors, and my dataflows have a lot of connections. So monitor each connection with 5 processors will not be viable option.




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The post uses UpdateAttribute to set the CONNECTION_UUID attribute, if you want to monitor more, you can change the upstream flow to get the connection UUID for all connections. For the root process group, you should be able to do this with InvokeHttp for the endpoint /process-groups/root/connections, then parse the JSON and probably split it with SplitJson and get the URL into an attribute for each flow file with EvaluateJsonPath. Then you can use UpdateAttribute (or probably just EvaluateJsonPath) to set the UUID from the incoming JSON document, and then let the rest of the flow "do its thing". You can route/merge later on the UUID if necessary.

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@dhieru singh

You can extract the queue configurations i.e backPressureDataSizeThreshold (or) backPressureObjectThreshold from json response keep them as attributes by using evaluate json processor.



Compare the configured size with how many flowfiles are queued




Route on Attribute Configs:-



so we are checking the queue_size(how many flowfiles are queued) greater than equal to queue_configured_size multiply with 0.8(means 80%), if the flowfiles queued are greater than or equal to 80% we are going to keep those flowfiles into Queue_size_ge80% relation.



if my queue configured to have 10 objects then if the queued flowfiles are greater than equal to 8 then the ff routes to Queue_size_ge80% property.

2.To get all connection UUID's use the below api with recursive it will shows up all the connection id's

curl -i -X GET http://localhost:9090/nifi-api/flow/process-groups/root/status?recursive=true

then create a script (or) use a processor that can extract all the connection-id's( from json response then use those connection id's in your monitoring the queue size.

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Hi @@dhieru singh

Thank you for the post , but I am unable to get the values of

  1. $.component.backPressureObjectThreshold
  2. $.status.aggregateSnapshot.flowFilesQueued after processing the EvaluateJsonPath.107814-backpressure.png


Hi guys! I don't understand where are you find or how are you think up with these properties like - backPressureDataSizeThreshold (or) backPressureObjectThreshold ?


@Alex Coast

A good place to start understanding these properties is in the NiFi Admin Guide:

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@Matt Burgess @Shu

so Im a bit confused. I want to monitor the queue(s) and create and Alert. I understand this post and the Nifiworkflow but is it the right way?

Alert: send data to Prometheus and from there read and display in Alerta.

Im not sure whats the correct way. as I read there are ReportingTasks which can also be used to do something similar.
e.g SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask can be used to get connection status?

Also how to send data to Prometheus? Some Post processor or ReportingTask or something custom?

Could anyone please explain a bit?