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NIFI Cannot upload template


Hi Everyone,

Am trying to upload a template to nifi but it fails 

Annotation 2022-08-24 144512.png


and logs show this: 
2022-08-18 09:06:15,666 ERROR org.apache.nifi.groups.StandardProcessGroup: Failed to synchronize StandardProcessGroup[identifier=b2b33551-8e13-1429-bd99-94bc96edf954,name=Consume ] with Flow Registry because could not retrieve version 1 of flow with identifier bf392fe0-bc7d-4495-a182-171098c7903d in bucket 6814905d-1e2d-4d26-a303-8fb9836ee612 due to: Connection refused (Connection refused)

please note that the template is generated from another NIFI instance with the same version: 


Expert Contributor

Trying to understand the relationship between upload template action and the error you have seen in logs, so the error is related to a sync issue between NiFi Flow and NiFi Regsitry Version control and is not related to uploading template in NiFi UI 


Are you this error only appear when you try uploading templates in NiFi UI ? 

Just to discard the error here can you please check in NiFi UI search for component with id b2b33551-8e13-1429-bd99-94bc96edf954 and see if get any component listed in search results and verify the status of that component with version control.


Now the 2nd point, is when you see unable to upload message box

Is this nifi service is secure? then you can check in nifi-user.log for any events with your username after template uplod action

Check if any timeout related message reported in nifi-app.log after template upload action?

how big template is ? 

Can you please try with very small template ?


The above action items can help isolate the issue further. 


Thank You 




Community Manager

@IslamGamal Has the reply helped resolve your issue? If so, please mark the appropriate reply as the solution, as it will make it easier for others to find the answer in the future. If you are still experiencing the issue, can you provide the information @ckumar has requested?


Diana Torres,
Community Moderator

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