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NiFI ListFile\GetFile permissions Issue

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I can access files in this path \USSTLA0000\Shares\CCI INTERNAL\Analytics\Analytics COE\BI Uploads\Social Code

but when i put the same path in ListFile or PutFile i get errors.

List File wont even activate :


Put File gives me a strange error: i know that this folder below exists. So it seems like permission issue.

we have LDAP authentication set for NiFi and i am logging in using my ID which has permissions on the folder.

are there something that i am missing.?? dont see any errors in app log.

do we need to have permissions to initial admin id.?

PutFile[id=015e103f-0382-1c7e-f34c-fa11b46d0ec9] Penalizing StandardFlowFileRecord[uuid=0c2234ac-cebf-4af9-a04f-edc5733dda3b,claim=StandardContentClaim [resourceClaim=StandardResourceClaim[id=1506088707982-1, container=default, section=1], offset=0, length=932205147],offset=0,name=testsc3.csv,size=932205147] and routing to 'failure' because the output directory \USSTLA0000\Shares\CCI INTERNAL\Analytics\Analytics COE\BI Uploads\Social Code does not exist and Processor is configured not to create missing directories

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@Saikrishna Tarapareddy

NiFi's authentication and authorization controls what users can access NiFI's various features and components. All the NiFi components added to the canvas of a Nifi instance are executed by the user who owns the NiFi service and not the user who is currently logged in.

So you need to make sure the target directory your PutFile processor is writing to has teh necessary permission set on it to allow the NiFi service/process user to write to it.

You can see what user owns the nifi process by running the following command (assumming you are running on Linux OS)

ps -ef|grep nifi



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@Matt Clarke,

I am running this in do i find under which service its running..??