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NiFi HTTP JSON parsing (EvaluateJsonpath)

New Contributor

Hey there,

I need some help with configuring EvaluateJsonpath because I'm having trouble with it. Everything else seems to be working fine, but I always get stuck at this part. I've tried looking for solutions online, but none of them seem to work or they're just outdated. It's possible that I messed up something in the other function blocks, but they still work if I remove the EvaluateJsonpath. Any ideas?




This is the json file:

    "random": 3171504720,
    "als": 29024,
    "mic": 47334,
    "gyro": {
        "x": -26,
        "y": 8,
        "z": 1
    "accel": {
        "x": -1829,
        "y": 447,
        "z": 16802



Community Manager

Welcome to the community @JeffTheMilkMan. While you wait for a more knowledgeable response, I'll provide a link to  Parsing XML Logs With Nifi – Part 1 of 3 in case it can be of assistance. 

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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Expert Contributor

What you are doing is mostly correct.  I see a couple of items that may be creating some issues, e.g. mis-assigned values.


For example, you are assigning accel.x to all three attributes values ax, ay, az.  But it seems like you probably meant to assign ax = $.accel.x , ay =$.accel.y , az =$.accel.z


It seems you've mixed up "random" and "rand".  The field name in your JSON is "random" so your attribute assignment should be rand = $.random


Where is "btn" in your JSON?