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No Java JDK is detected on the host

No Java JDK is detected on the host

New Contributor

I operate around 20 nodes of Hadoop cluster.
One error occurred during the operation and asked the question.
The version is Cloudera Express 5.5.1.

One of the hosts has the error

'No Java JDK is detected on the host',

and in detail it says

'The Java process to determine whether the hostname and canonical name for this host are consistent could not be run.' It seems.


I check the components of the host and see

'JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_67-cloudera Error occurred during initialization of VM java.lang.Error: Properties init: Could not determine current working directory. At java.lang.System.initProperties (Native Method) at java.lang.System.initializeSystemClass ( '.


So I tried changing JAVA_HOME but the error message does not disappear.


How do you identify and take action?


Re: No Java JDK is detected on the host

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