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Passing file name to bash script in nifi?

New Contributor

I am uncertain on how to pass the file name from the GetFile process to a bash script so that we can call clamAV on it.  I then need the result (success|failure) of the script passed back to nifi so we can route the flow. I can't seem to understand how to pass the arguments correctly or if I'm even using the correct process; ExecuteStreamCommand or ExecuteProcess.  We had an sys architect designing this with us but he left, leaving behind a very complicated non-working example.


I thought I had configured an ExecuteProcess correctly but it doesn't allow me to connect GetFile to it.



@phaelax   ExecuteScript ExecuteProcess ExecuteStreamCommand etc are some of the hardest configs in nifi.  It is very hard to give guidance without exact templates, configs, scripts, etc.   That said,  i would recommend ExecuteScript and python over bash.  If that is interesting to. you, you should spend some time consuming the 3 part series on ExecuteScript by @MattWho .   I believe the first part explains how to get flowfile attributes (filename) or flowfile content from previous processor flowfile (getFile) into the script.


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@steven-matison That 3 part series on ExecuteScript was written by a very talented different Matt in this community  @mburgess.