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Phoenix Query Server - Won't Start - Address already in use

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I've installed Phoenix Query Server (PQS) on one of the nodes on my cluster based on this answer.

At first, it's running, but when I restart the HBase, PQS wont start again. Here's the error log below:


On the node where PQS is installed, I also installed "clients".

Also, when installing PQS, do I need to enable Phoenix? or This will be automatic after PQS install?


Thank you in advance!

- MD


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It seems that PQS is already running with the pid 6896. You may try to use it just running thin client.

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You should enable Phoenix - Josh please correct me if I am wrong.

Can you use jps command to see if the previous PQS server was stopped ?

How did you restart the cluster ?

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Hi @Ted Yu, thanks for the respose.

1. Noted on enabling phoenix

2. JPS

6896 Main
7731 NiFi
32283 Kafka
22044 ConsoleConsumer
1740 jenkins.war
7709 RunNiFi
28271 Jps

3. I didn't restart the whole cluster. Just restarted hbase component. Restarted it via Ambari

@Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang

Below steps might help you:

If you are running external applications, it is recommended that you test the connection to HBase using the following connection strings for the Phoenix JDBC driver:

  1. Add hbase-site.xml and core-site.xml to your application or client's class path:
    set CLASSPATH=<path_to_hbase-site.xml>;<path_to_core-site.xml>
    i.e. export HBASE_CONF_PATH=/etc/hbase/conf:/etc/hadoop/conf
  2. Depending on whether you have an unsecured cluster or a cluster secured with Kerberos, use one of the following connection strings to connect to HBase.
    • For unsecured clusters:

      Where <Zookeeper_host_name> can specify one host or several hosts. If you specify several Zookeeper hosts, insert commas between host names. For example, <ZK_host1, ZK_host2, ZK_host3>.


      if you are logged in as your own user
    • For clusters secured with Kerberos:
    • jdbc:phoenix:<Zookeeper_host_name>:<port_number>:<secured_Zookeeper_node>:<principal_name>:<HBase_headless_keytab_file>

      Where <secured_Zookeeper_node> is the path to the secured Zookeeper node, and <HBase_headless_keytab_file> is the location of this keytab file.


      if using logged in as hbase user
      kinit -k -t /etc/security/keytabs/hbase.headless.keytab hbase

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Thanks @Sri Bandaru. Will take note on this.

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It seems that PQS is already running with the pid 6896. You may try to use it just running thin client.

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Just did run phoenix-sqlline and it's working.

mmmm.. I'll try to kill it and restart the PQS.

thanks @ssoldatov

The phoenix-sqlline command is not using PQS. You want to use /usr/hdp/current/phoenix-client/bin/ to interactive with PQS.

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You can restart PQS using Ambari.