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Revert Cloudera Manager settings

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I was setting up HTTPS for Cloudera Manager web UI when I messed up the configurations by using a keystore password that I have lost since.

Now when I try to start Cloudera Manager I get a clear exception that it cannot get the private key and it fails and stops.


My question is : How can I revert the configs from the Cloudera Manager server to go back to HTTP so I can setup the right HTTPS configurations without having access to Cloudera Manager web UI? Is there a configurations file that I can use ? Are these configurations saved in the Cloudera Manager database and are not easily accessible ? I just want to desactivate HTTPS so I can go back to Cloudera Manager web UI and setup the correct configs.


I'm using :


Version: Cloudera Enterprise 5.5.1 (#8 built by jenkins on 20151201-1818 git: 2a7dfe22d921bef89c7ee3c2981cb4c1dc43de7b)






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To turn off HTTPS for the CM UI altogether, change the config with attr "web_tls" to have value "false".

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You can find the username, host, port, and password to the CM database in /etc/cloudera-scm-server/ Use this to connect to the database, then find your password in the CONFIGS with an ATTR of "keystore_password". You should be able to change your keystore password to this value.


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Great thanks I'll look at the database.
By the way what is the ATTR name of the CM HTTPS config, I want to
completely disable HTTPS and go back to HTTP.


To turn off HTTPS for the CM UI altogether, change the config with attr "web_tls" to have value "false".
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