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Sanbox Zeppelin: How to login as maria_dev (not anonymous)

Hi. I have started a HDP Sandbox 2.5.0 in Azure. I see that current sandbox has issue in that Zeppelin is not accessible from Abari Views. I can get to Zeppelin via port 9995 in browser but it has me as anonymous. How can I switch to being user maria_dev and interact w/ my build in Zeppelin?

Thanks. - Colin

p.s. I was unsuccessfully trying to move my way thru the tutorial here,


New Contributor

Its a two step process and has to be done from Ambari only. Otherwise the changes will not be retained in shiro.ini and it will get overwritten the moment zapplin service is restarted. Any way here are the steps :

from ambari Zeppelin > Configs > Advanced zeppelin-env > shiro_ini_content and change the following :


  1. [users]
  2. # List of users with their password allowed to access Zeppelin.
  3. # To use a different strategy (LDAP / Database / ...) check the shiro doc at
  4. maria_dev =<password>, admin #### Add this line
  5. #admin = password1, admin
  6. #user1 = password2, role1, role2
  7. #user2 = password3, role3
  8. [urls]

B. Under URL section make the changes shown below :

  1. [urls]
  2. # anon means the access is anonymous.
  3. # authcBasic means Basic Auth Security
  4. # To enfore security, comment the line below and uncomment the next one
  5. #/api/version = anon ## commened this line
  6. #/** = anon ##commented this line
  7. /** = authc ## uncommented this line

Then restart zapplin. try to log in again. This should solve the problem.