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Scala Certification

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Looking for scala certification. can someone suggest me a good online training portal which will take care of certification as well.


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I'really like EPFL's Scala courses on Coursera. I've done a couple and they were really useful.

@Dinesh Das

Do you need any more help here?

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@Dinesh Das

There is no industry standard certification for Scala. But as others have mentioned, you can go for a course which teaches you the language and includes a project completion to apply your leant skills as part of the course. Coursera one is good. (Getting a certificate from them implies that you have to pay for it).


You are in need of skills and not the certification to get your career going, there is no certification on scala. learn scala course here :

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IBM offers free courses in Scala and other languages, they are free. There are tests at the end of the course once successful you can earn badges and showcase them.