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Unable to Create a single file with PySpark query


Hello Community,

I trying to create a single file from an output query that is overwritten each time query is run. However, I keep on getting multiple part-00001 files. I have tried the following codes. They appear to overwrite the file, but a different filename is generate each time.

carl = 

Can someone show me how write code that will result in a single file that is overwritten without changing the filename?


Super Guru

@Carlton Patterson

This is not possible with default save/csv/json functions but using Hadoop API we can rename the filename.


>>> df=spark.sql("select int(1)id,string('ll')name") //create a dataframe
>>> df.coalesce(1).write.mode("overwrite").csv("/user/shu/test/temp_dir") //writing the df to temp-dir
>>> from py4j.java_gateway import java_import
>>> java_import(spark._jvm, 'org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path')
>>> fs =
>>> file = fs.globStatus(sc._jvm.Path('/user/shu/test/temp_dir/part*'))[0].getPath().getName() 	//get 	the filename of temp_dir
>>> fs.rename(sc._jvm.Path('/user/shu/test/temp_dir/' + file),sc._jvm.Path('/user/shu/test/mydata.csv')) //rename the temp directory file with desired filename and directory path
>>> fs.delete(sc._jvm.Path('/user/shu/test/temp_dir'), True) //delete the temp directory.


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Hi Shu, thanks for responding.

The solution you provided appears a little difficult for something that I thought would be relatively simple.

I will try your solution and let you know how I get on.

In the meantime, have you seen the solution provided here:

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