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Unable to unmarshall exception response

New Contributor

We are using InvokeAWSGatewayApi processor to call AWS Quicksight API, but getting this error Unable to unmarshall exception response with the unmarshallers provided (Service: execute-api; Status Code: 302; Error Code: null; Request ID: 02977298-c354-4b78-80b4-7ea6b6e512fc)

Can anyone please suggest? 



Master Guru



A status code 302 means there was a redirect in the response.
I'd suggest inspecting the NiFi app.log for this exception and take a look at the full stack trace if it exists to see what the issue may be.

Hope this helps,


New Contributor

Thanks for your response .I did try above mentioned options but didn't get any information.
Can you provide some implementation examples of InvokeAWSGatewayApi processor to call AWS Quicksight API.