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Update HDP repository url


Hi, i have HDP and Ambari
I have a local repository for HDP and Ambari, but i cant link it in the Ambari UI.
I go in Admin / Versions pages where i see all the repository links.
I paste my in the right place (Centos 7) and i click "save".
But when i reload the pages the links are back as they were before.
In the network page of chrome i see that i have response from server "200 OK", i altro tried to update Ambari.repo manually and ambari-hdp-1.repo but nothing, when i try to install a new service it looks for the package in the old repository. Why is that? I can't find a solution, thanks





Could you please share the few pics related to ambari repo and urls to better understand your issue


I fixed just editing the fields directly in the Ambari Postgres DB and then Rebooting.