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Upsert on conflict not quoting keys



I'm using a PutDatabaseRecord with UPSERT statement for a PostgreSQL database, but the ON CONFLICT keys are not being quoted event with the setting "Quote Column Identifiers" set to true.


Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO "eventstorage"."2062d999b1f26bcb32c3f39d22bd34"(..., "FDZ_UUID", ...) VALUES (...) ON CONFLICT (FDZUUID) DO UPDATE SET (...) = (..., EXCLUDED."FDZ_UUID", ...) was aborted: ERROR: column "fdzuuid" does not exist

I've seen an JIRA issue regarding this behavior and it is as Resolved:

I'm using nifi 1.17.0

@MattWhosorry for pinging you directly, but you were the assignee of the jira ticket and I've seen you commenting other similar posts.




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That is not me as the assignee to jira  But that Matt is an awesome guy @mburgess.




Hey @mburgess could you give a little help in this ticket? I am still facing this issue and I'm not sure how to implement a workaroud


Update: Created a custom processor by duplicating PutDatabaseRecord and added the if statement that was done in the commit It solved the issue but I had to create a NAR with all of the bundled dependencies in nifi-standard-processors because I was having an error while starting NiFi (

I've checked the code base and the if statement is not present in Nifi > 1.12


Hey @MattWho, since you were the only one helping and @mburgess is not replying to the ticket, do you think it is possible/doable to create an hot-fix or something like that to have this commit? - I've seen more people complaining regarding this issue and it would be useful to not duplicate the source code just to add an if statement




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I wasn't able to reproduce this, I remember trying your example and the UPSERT worked for me, so I'm not sure what's going on